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Keep in mind when asking for help that you have much more knowledge of your situation than others do. You need to provide that context so that people can understand your problem and provide good help. To make it easier for others to help you, please provide the following types of information.

What you are trying to do? What version of the code are you installing, and why? What is your larger goal?
What you have done? What instructions were you following? What commands did you run? Did you deviate from the instructions at any point, even a little bit? Full output of those commands, even if it seems overwhelming, can be very useful.
What has gone wrong? Are there errors in log files? Did you get specific failures in the terminal? Provide full details about the undesired results you saw.
While working through your problem, helpers often need additional information. Stay involved in the discussion, and try to give them what they need. They know best what information they need to solve the problem.